Heidi de Gier, 1977
Graduated HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2005
Lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Currently guest teacher at HKU bachelor PRD, teaching documentary photography



  • Museumgarden, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL, April-August, 2021


  • KF Hein Fund, Maliesingel, Utrecht, NL, January-February, 2020
  • Utrecht In Motion, Forum, Utrecht Central Station, NL, October, 2019-November, 2020


  • Utrecht In Motion, Station Square, Utrecht Central, NL, May-October, 2019



  • Geestdrift festival, Der Tod, Utrecht, NL, 31 oktober
  • PEER Paper Platform, Der Tod, Amsterdam, NL, 14-20 september
  • Azijnfabriek, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Den Bosch, NL,
  • Hunebedcentrum, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Borger, NL
  • Fort Kijkduin, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Den Helder, NL
  • De Zeven Linden, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Utrecht, NL
  • Van Goghkerkje, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet Nuenen, NL
  • Munttheater, Der Tod und vier Mädchen, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Weert, NL





  • Cereoolfactory, Nacht der Nostalgie (Night of Nostalgia), Utrecht, NL


  • TrouwAmsterdam, Andere Ogen (Other Eyes), selection of 10 years Volkskrant Magazine photography, NL
  • Atelierroute Utrecht (open studio), Sophies Art Projects, Hooghiemstra Utrecht, NL


  • Toonkamer, (Dutch Design Centre), Kunst Dichtbij (Art Nearby), Utrecht, NL
  • Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Sport Equally Illuminated, The Hague, NL
  • Conference centre Papendal, Sport Equally Illuminated, Arnhem, NL


  • Toren van Babel (Tower of Babel), CU in Babel, Utrecht, NL
  • Post CS gebouw, PANL Award #16, Amsterdam, NL


  • INIT, PANL Award #15, Amsterdam, NL
  • Town Hall Terneuzen, Young Photographers, NL
  • Kop vol Lombokunst, Utrecht, NL
  • Health Care Centre Lombok, Script, Utrecht, NL
  • HKU festival, Graduation Exhibition, Utrecht, NL
  • Studio Wim Sontrop Kasten, The last Farmgirls, Utrecht, NL


  • Lombokunstweekend (Lombok Art Weekend), Utrecht, NL


  • A Falling Horizon, 2011
    Design: Hans Gremmen
    Text: Tracy Metz
    Publisher: Fw:Books

Grants, Awards

2012 Longlist Dutch Doc Award, NL
2012 Best Dutch Book Designs 2011, NL
2011 Best Photobooks of 2011, PhotoEye, selected by Larissa Leclair, USA
2011 Shortlist Book Award, Les Rencontres d’Arles, FR
2011 Cultural Fund BNG
2010 Working Budget, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture
2006 PANL Award #15, merit
2006 Starter Stipend, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Worked with, for

The Guardian, Lighthouse Reports, Dear T, (theater company), WIRED, Studio Spomenik, FOTODOK, Volkskrant Magazine, (weekly magazine of Dutch newspaper), Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper), The Correspondent (online newsplatform), Vrij Nederland (weekly opinion illustrated magazine), NRC.Next (Dutch newspaper), NRC Handelsblad (Dutch newspaper), Trouw (Dutch newspaper), Opzij (feminist magazine), Pelican Magazines, Fw:Books (publisher), NWO (Dutch organisation for scientific research), Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (State service for Cultural Heritage), Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sports, TU Delft, Rabobank Utrecht, Steinmetz|de Compaan, Publisher Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Theaterworkplace Eskalibur, Into the Great Wide Open (music festival), GO SHORT (International Short Film Festival Nijmegen), Lotte van Laatum, Bas Haring, The Gathering, Syrène Saxophone Quartet, Happy Camper, Job Roggeveen, This Beautiful Mess, Isolde Woudstra, Marisa Rappard, Nynke van Spiegel, Utrecht municipality, Erfgoed Deal (Cultural Heritage), KF Hein Fund.