The Last Farmgirls

Since 2005 I am portraying this generation of farmgirls in the Netherlands.
The Dutch countryside is changing. Farms are vanishing rapidly and with them the farm girls. There has always been a divide between townspeople and countrymen. The existence of this divide became tangible to me, a farmgirl myself, when I moved to a town. Since then I neither truly belong in the country nor in the city. The melancholy of this conflict is what I want to show in these portraits.

This series has been published in Volkskrant Magazine (NL) and has been on show at Photossima Art Fair (IT), TrouwAmsterdam (NL) and the Toonkamer (NL), amongst others.

Until March 13, 2016 a selection of the series is on show at the exhibition FARMING FOLK ‘Adventures in the Countryside’ in The Hague Museum of Photography (NL).