Der Tod

The work is a 40 minute presentation about transience, time and slowing down. Der Tod is made especially for the concert Der Tod und vier Mädchen by he Syrène Saxophone Quartet. In which they did a performance of Schubert’s Der Tod und das Mädchen.

Der Tod has been on tour with the Syrene Saxaphone Quartet in 2015 (from March till June) and shown in many different locations that where linked with the theme, for example, the Kijkduin Fortress and at the Dolmens.

After the tour the installation (projected film and music) was exhibited at Peer, a new platform in Amsterdam located in the Red Light District and at the Geestdrift Festival in Utrecht on oktober 31, 2015.

Der Tod is published in Peer Paper Matters #1

Here you can read what Kala Newman writes about der Tod.

Here you can find a flip book of the work.

Watch here a short version of Der Tod.

animator: Hanneke van der Linden
floral design: Lotte Spijker
size: 143x96x20 cm