Plastic Panda’s

Out now! The latest book by philosopher Bas Haring with photography by Heidi de Gier

November 9, 2011
About the book: Nature is disappearing. Species are becoming extinct and every three seconds a piece of rainforest the size of a soccerfield is cut down. This feels like a disaster, but is it actually? Can a world with only parks and agriculture exist? And would it be enjoyable? This book explores the values of nature and its diversity. A realistic but also an optimistic book. All kinds of things disappear, but are replaced by other things: grass between the pavement and plastic toy pandas. The photos show the places that Bas Haring writes about in his book. These places are mostly about how mankind cultivates nature or creates an artificial nature.

You can watch the series here.

There is also a Plastic Panda’s ipad and iphone app that can be downloaded for free here.