Silence is becoming rare.
In the continuous flow of sounds and images, it can seem like time is slipping through our fingers. We need to pay close attention to really appreciate things, to forget time, so we can experience on a deeper level. Photography is a means to stop time. I photograph quiet areas in The Netherlands, where silence is protected and you can hear the wind soaring through the trees.

Sanctuary was part of Utrecht In Motion together with the work of four other photographers. The triptych was on view at the new station square in 2019 and at the Forum in 2020, both public area at Utrecht Central.

Size: 156 cm x 234 cm
With thanks to the Utrecht municipality for the commission.
CU2030, Utrecht In Motion
Curator: Nynke van Spiegel
Photographers: Heidi de Gier, Tom Janssen, Joost Termeer, Fleur Wiersma en Isolde Woudstra