Other Eyes

10 years of willful Dutch photography.

Volkskrant Magazine now exists ten years and celebrates this with a book: Andere Ogen (Other Eyes). The book is edited by Theo Audenaerd. A photo from the series Farmgirls and one from the series Prominent Profiles have been included in this book.

The exhibition of the same name will be on show in TrouwAmsterdam from November the 13th onwards.

About the book: The most important young Dutch photographers are now presented in one book. Volkskrant magazine owes its name and fame to the interviews and coverage, but mainly to its photography. During the past ten years in which the magazine has existed, it has always given photographers the opportunity to capture (famous) Dutch people and the Netherlands in a style that is best described as unique. Realistic, raw, unadorned and as a result, also vulnerable. This book offers a sampling of the new Dutch school of photography in 250 pictures.

Exhibition: November 13 – December 5, 2009
TrouwAmsterdam Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

cover photo: Victor Bergen-Henegouwen