TIME LightBox

November 13, 2012
The book A Falling Horizon is part of the bookexhibition A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks by Larissa Leclair’s Indie Photobook Library and is now on view on TIME LightBox.
This selection of books has previously been on show in gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco and at Photoweek DC in Wahington. And later at Photoville, New York.

Photissima Art Fair

Work from the series The Last Farmgirls will be on show during Photissima Art Fair in Italy. The work is part of the exhibition titled Adolescence, a groupshow curated by the online magazine Landscape Stories.

Photissima Art Fair
Turin, Italy
November 8-10, 2012

The jury

the Best Dutch Book Designs about A Falling Horizon:

In this beautifully executed little book one is struck not only by the subject but also by the care with which the photoreportage is arranged and handled. On a tiny island in the river Noord near Dordrecht, the family of Hannie de Vos and her children have to make way for ‘new nature’, a government scheme that aims to restore parts of the countryside to the ‘old nature’ that was there before humans got their hands on it.

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Best Dutch Book Designs at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Best Dutch Book Designs of 2011, including A Falling Horizon, will be on show at the renewed Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Starting this wednesday.

Read here what the jury wrote about A Falling Horizon.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL, Best Book Designs 2011
October 17 – November 25, 2012

18 Again

Commissioned by Fotodok and together with Ivo van der Bent and Ringel Goslinga I made portraits of 90 Utrecht residents whose birthdays fall on October 28. The exhibition can be seen from today on at the Dom Square in Utrecht. 18 Again connects to the theme of the Cultural Sunday, Young, Younger, Youngest on 28 October.
Dom Square, Utrecht, NL
October 22 - November 4, 2012

Photography Photography Photography

The series A Falling Horizon is on show during the International Photofestival Noorderlicht. The work will be exhibited in a small church in Rottevalle, a dutch frisian village. For more info (in dutch) click here. This years festivals theme is Terra Cognita and is about the relation between man and nature.

Noorderlicht International Photofestival, NL
September  2 – October 7, 2012



From September 13th onward international photofestival BredaPhoto shows works from the series A Falling Horizon with an installation in the Chassé Park.

BredaPhoto, NL
September 13 – October 21, 2012

Indie Photobook Library

The book A Falling Horizon is part of the exhibition A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks in San Francisco based Gallery Carte Blanche. The exhibition is a selection of 70 photobooks from the Indie Photobook Library, curated by Darius Himes & Larissa Leclair.

Gallery Carte Blanche,
San Francisco, USA
September 14th – October 18th, 2012


May 19, 2012
Also this Saterday in the supplement of another newspaper, a portrait of Sander Overeinder, chef of restaurant As.  


Mounted Pets in Tijd

May 19, 2012
The series Death is not the end about mounted pets is published in Tijd today. Tijd is the weekend magazine of Dutch newspaper Trouw.  

Annual Report Cultuurfonds BNG

May 1, 2012
In the annual report from Cultuurfonds BNG all projects are shown that were supported by BNG in 2011. Every year one project gets chosen as special project. This year they selected A Falling Horizon and published 13 spreads from the book and the complete text from Tracy Metz.  


New series: Death is not the end

February 27, 2012
Together with writer Babette Rijkhoff I wondered why people would preserve their dead domestic animals. So we went to visit them and their mounted pets. Along the way we got more and more fascinated by this subject. Apparently, death is not the end. View the series here.  


Best Book Designs 2011

February 17, 2012
The book ‘A Falling Horizon’ has been selected as one of the Best Dutch Book Designs in 2011. Out of 338 submissions, 30 books were selected. In the fall these books will be on show in The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. A Falling Horizon is designed by Hans Gremmen.

The Best Books of 2011

December 29, 2011
True to tradition Photo-Eye has announced their annual survey of best books as selected by 26 photoworld luminaries.  A Falling Horizon has been included in their selection.

Photobook marathon Huis Marseille

Forty eye-catching Dutch publications of the past year.

On Sunday December the 18th, the yearly photobook marathon will take place in Huis Marseille, Amsterdam. During this day, which is dedicated to the photobook, photographers will talk about the process and realisation of their book and project. In the morning, I will be giving a short presentation about A Falling Horizon.

For the entire programme, you can visit the website of Huis Marseille.